Acting Classes


Arts and culture programme:
○ Projects is set up with the local community, enabling visitors to
collaborate in the making of painting, theatre, hand-crafting, film, music
and dance. These projects serve as a way of sharing knowledge, skills
and inspiration and cross-cultural learning.
○ The Arts and culture programme offer cultural personal development
opportunities for schools, organisations and businesses.


This is about living beyond borders of skin color, getting out of the
cultural, racial, or religious stereotypes, conversating around civic
education and advocating artistic solutions to challenges that concern
the community at large.

Mentorship programme
Our long-term (3-5 year) aim is to set up a mentorship programme where
local youths will receive inspiration and guidance from established artists.

Bonnini Boutique
The Boutique will be set up to source, showcase and sell local art. Income
generated will be used to fund the organisation.