Enjoy a welcoming Homestay and live like the local Samonkeng community

What to expect of our Amenities:

Beds & Bedrooms:

We have a dorm room that sleep 6. This includes bedding.

We do have a private room that sleep 2, if you need a private room. Please let us know when you book.


Compost toilet & toilet paper

No running water. We will provide you with a washing dish filled with warm water to wash with. We collect the water from the village pump 20liters at a time by hand. We heat the water lovingly over a fire for you to enjoy a warm wash. We will make sure that you have enough water at your disposal during your stay.


Washing water, Cooking fireplace, Gas stove, Washing basins. We recommend enjoying a meal with a local family!


No wifi, but a good signal reception (we are working on getting wifi installed)

Artist Studio Space:

We have a large art studio that artist can utilize.


We have s solar panel for you to charge your electronics

Cost per person, per night:



Book your stay here R250- per person: