Bonnini Homestay & Art Residency in Semonkong, Lesotho offers affordable accommodation, ideal for the independent leisure travelers or tourists who want to experience the local community and culture.

Bonnini Homestay & Art Residency is a mountain cabin set in Semonkong Village Lesotho.  With a homestead ebb and flow, the residency is suitable for artists and socially  conscious travelers. And all those who wish to enrich their travel-memories with authentic cultural exchange and walk a mile on an artistic road to development.

With a keen interest in addressing poverty,  community mental health, and assisting Semonkong talent and dreams, tourism and the arts form a good mixture through which your stay is not only dependent on your pay.

Bonnini exists to make a difference to the Semonkong community village by advocating artistic expression and cultural exchange.

Tourism and the Arts form a good mixture through which your stay is not exclusively dependent on payment, and the exchange of good & guided activities is based on skills and knowledge exchange. There is a list of exchange opportunities.

Bonnini Homestead & Residency is off grid with eco-friendly compost toilets and hot water cooked over fire or gas. Kitchen facilities and utensils are off-site and shared .

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Costs per Night: R300- p.p this includes the use of the art studio space. Bring your canvas  and paints!

Paid a activities

  • Learning of making Liphaphatha

  • A day in the life of a shepherd

  • Meal with local family

    • Learn you how to prepare your own Liphaphatha bread for late breakfast, or lunch.

  • Horse riding

Free activities 

  • Weekend Tai chi with local orphanage youth: the youth at Semonkong children's center have adopted Tai chi movements- courtesy of Mannini Mokhothu.These basic steps are helpful for mental resiliency, balance, concentration etc. The youth are always happy to share basic movements and relax during the weekends. If you have new forms and breathing exercise, pls feel free to arrange a visit to the center and share yourself to contribute to the general well being of these youngsters

  • Meetings with local farmers

  • Visiting local artisans and seeing what they do



You can't afford to pay for your stay at BAR? No problem, you can pay by a share of your skills with BAR for the benefit of the residency and the local community: 

- share your computer skiĺls with a group of youth

- work with a local photographer to help create content for BAR while improving a skill of photography

- Get involved with local craftsmen to help with the carpentry work in the residency. Or share your skill to people to the village. 

- Work with a local gardener and a cleaning lady to share your skills on eco-friendly environment, recycling, and community hygiene at large


Artists are invited to collaborate with local Semonkong youth and transfer the following skills into the community:





-Fine Arts


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